Friday, February 26, 2010

New Look, New Book

Whenever I open a new blog (and you would be surprised at how many blogs I've had), I tend to have a few months of searching for just the right template.

It has to be simple enough to adjust for me, and pretty enough to make sure y'all don't run screaming.

I tend to like 3 column templates because it gives me more room for widgets without cramping everything together. I like the ones that have a linkbar even better--heavenly bliss if they have sublinks! *swoon*

My current search item is a template that has a linkbar, and where the posts aren't the full posts--you know, where it has a "Read More" link at the bottom? Ever since I saw Book Lovers, Inc 's layout, I've wanted one so bad.

I'm a bit of a Blog Layout Whore. *grin*

I tried to figure out how to do the "Read More" thing through Blogger settings, but no dice. *sadface* So I'm on the hunt for a layout that has all the things I want...*longing sigh*


1: I picked up Book 5 (Hunted) of the House of Night Series, and I will be starting to read it in a little while. *Squee* I can't wait. (This is a series that literally had me up for about an hour and a half thinking about after going to bed. That, my dears, is a big thing.)

2: I changed my blog button, so if you had my old one, please replace it with my new one on the sidebar. :)

3: Please don't freak if you come back in an hour and the template has changed. Again. Did I mention I'm a bit obsessive about my templates? Heh heh.

Later lovelies!


Donna Gambale said...

I love templates with a linkbar or menu bar or whatever it's called at the top! That's been in the back of my mind for the FNC blog, but I haven't had time yet.

Anonymous said...

I adore linkbars--it's best when I can just put a link widget but the ones where I have to do the HTML is okay too--harder, but worth it. :)